Why am I so bloated?

One of the most common complaints from women is about bloating. Some women swear they bloat from just looking at food and it can set off a trigger of negativity that can actually manifest into weight gain, the very thing you are trying to avoid.

As we age our digestive function changes too, it slows down, and from time to time will need some tweaking. Firstly you will need to rule out any food allergies, intolerances and physical issues. If that’s all clear, then keeping a food diary for a week or two might be beneficial to help recognise why and when the bloating is occurring.

At the very least, our digestive system needs some attention and there are some simple steps you can take straight away to reduce the bloat.
The very first step is to increase your water intake. We know we should, but now we have to! You can increase your water consumption through herbal teas, adding flavour with lemons, mint and cucumber and if you must, set your alarm every hour to remind you!

Starving yourself or bingeing can set off a cascade of reactions that can end in tears. Our bodies need fuel for energy, and the more you feed your body the right fuel, the more your metabolism will keep working, even while you sleep.
Processed and packaged foods are usually the culprits that cause havoc with our digestion. The focus needs to be on fresh, living foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, quality protein and fats, veggie juices and healthy smoothies.

Identifying the problematic cause of an issue is one thing, however, the goal is to create a lifestyle that can last forever, one that is manageable, practical and delicious!

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