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The Nature's Help range has been designed by women for women, using our collective wisdom to help you map the best path for you on your journey through menopause.

How are we different?

We know our bodies and we are living through these changes with you. Our 40s and 50s are undoubtedly our prime years. We are fit, healthy and energetic. We’ve taken everything life can throw at us and have emerged confident, appreciative and experienced. Now, as we are enjoying the prime of our life, our bodies start embarking on a new journey from the inside out. It’s a gradual change, but we notice it and we’re looking for helpful remedies that meet our individual needs.

We developed our products using tried and tested natural practices. Working with experienced naturopaths and researchers we have embraced the cultural medicines and practices of the last 1000 years - and some modern years too - to formulate therapeutic products with validated evidence. As the old saying goes, “it does what it says on the box”. We’re proud to provide natural solutions to a natural process in a market that’s been under-served and over-stereotyped for too long.

We are serious about helping you - but we like to laugh too. We’re all drawing on all the inner-strength we’ve developed over the years to see this new stage of life as one full of positive transformation. There are so many signs of "the change” to come to terms with and while some are ultimately welcome, others, well, you’ve got to laugh. We share our knowledge with you and help guide each other on our journey – the good, the bad and the downright hilarious - through our blog, videos and more.

At Nature's Help we are here to walk with you through these life changes, to keep your body as fit and healthy and as nourished it can possibly be. It can be a long path, so let's travel it together.


Kirsty Strowger


With long-held passions for inner health and natural healing, Kirsty Strowger started Nature’s Help 2012 as a weight loss supplement manufacturer with over 400 Australian stockists. In 2014 she added to her e-commerce success with the creation of Turmeric Australia, which after a short time was and still is the biggest and most respected online Turmeric range of nutraceuticals in Australia.

In 2020 Kirsty started to work on an idea to get women more engaged with each other around the topic of menopause. The biggest complaint most women had was there wasn’t a dedicated trusted high-quality natural range to go to help alleviate symptoms women were experiencing during this time.

Kirsty then set about doing what she does best. She designed something amazing for the women who created the world's population.

Mona Hecke

Naturopath, Author, Educator

Naturopathic principles are defined by treating the ‘whole person', using the healing power of nature to identify and treat the underlying cause rather than just symptomatic relief.
What I love most about being a Naturopath is helping people to see that they have the power to change their health destiny, I’m just here to hold your hand and guide you through what can sometimes seem overwhelming, but when we treat the mind, body and spirit together, results can be profound and life-changing.
My hope is that collectively with the Nature’s Help community you will have a safe place to share your story, be inspired to make the changes you need to lift your spirits and improve your future health.
Twenty years of experience in naturopathy and nutrition has taught me that anything is possible, that it doesn’t matter where you begin, you can heal and you can live a long, healthy life, pain-free, with vitality and joy.
My job is to help show you the way.

Ellie-Rose Bruton

Customer Service Liaison

Ellie-Rose (Aka “The Glue”)
Ellie joined the Natures Help team in April 2020 as our customer service manager and if you have had any dealings with this little bundle of energy, your day probably would have been better for it. She's a pocket rocket and picks up anything as quick as a button and is so meticulous we trust her everything. Ellie now does all of our social media posting, administration, inventory control, and as we grow so do her responsibilities and knowledge in the health and wellness industry. There have been times when we even call her ‘Boss’.

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