The Menopause Collection

The Menopause collection

The Nature’s Help range is designed to walk with you and help you navigate the most common concerns about "the change". As women, we represent 50% of the world’s population and together we have all the knowledge to share and help guide each other on this journey.

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A fresh approach for a natural process, for women by women

your journey collection

Welcome to Your Journey. Our team of dedicated female professionals and experts have drawn on their collective wisdom to rethink how we approach this ancient journey that we all find ourselves on at some point. Using carefully selected ingredients to develop products that are backed by science and traditional medicine, we’ve created natural solutions for a natural process that has been over-looked and over-generalised for far too long. It’s your journey, it’s unique to you and we’re with you every step of the way.

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post journey collection

Welcome to the other side. Your body is now learning to function with lower hormone levels and hopefully much fewer symptoms. Your journey may have been a long one or a short one, but now that you’re through it there is a different level of care for you to consider. As well as making those lifestyle choices that will help your body adapt there are some post journey health challenges that are common to many women which can be supported by the targeted range of natural ingredients that we’ve captured here in this boutique collection.

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We know you’re determined to enjoy a long and healthy life, but our middle and later years can see the body start to slow down whether we like it or not. Keeping our inner health at optimal levels takes time and care. We’re here to help with all those things that get a bit harder such as sleeping or digestion, or take a bit longer such as exercise recovery, and or which diminish over time, such as healthy bone production. Made from natural ingredients and packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, this collection has ageing well front of mind.

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Change Phases of Life

Change Phases of Life

  As woman, we experience a diverse range of stages throughout our life. Each of these stages is highlighted by significant events and bodily changes. Scientifically these stages are categorised by considerable hormonal...
Zone Technique Therapy

Zone Technique Therapy

  When you think of neck and back pain, is it the chiropractor that springs to your mind? The term chiropractic was taken from two Greek words. Cheir meaning ‘hand’ and Praxis meaning...
Menopause and sex - PART 3

Menopause and sex - PART 3

  And here we are, part three of our three-part article series where we're discussing a topic many people may consider taboo; menopause and sex! Both menopause and sex are becoming more openly...

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A journey through common change to be walked, together.


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