Gutsy Plain & Organic Super Greens Pack

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Cleanses the digestive system and improves gut health

High in Silica for healthy hair skin and nails

Reduces gas and bloating

Digestive enzymes

Good source of fibre

High in phytonutrients

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Plain Green Goodness Super DUO

Blend these two together or take them separately, the choice is yours, and both will reap results. Expect better bowel health, clearer skin, more energy, and extra vitality.


Gutsy contains a unique mineral profile to help clear your digestive tract of built up mucous, old faecal matter, bad bacteria, fungi, and heavy metals. It does this by drawing water into the bowel and sweeping these unfriendly visitors out through your daily toilet habits.
To experience the full cleansing effects of Gutsy, try taking it 10 days on and 10 days off for three months. Ensure you are increasing your hydration levels for a safe and efficient detoxification.


Never has it been truer, 'you are what you eat and absorb'. This scientifically blended formulation provides your body with the goodness of greens to support detoxification pathways for improved colon health, enzymes for digestive health and phytonutrients that will contribute to better metabolic health and chronic disease prevention. This delicious blend has a fresh apple flavour that makes it easy to include in your daily wellness schedule.

Quality Guaranteed

Australian Owned and Operated

Naturopath Certified

Evidence Based


Ethically Sourced

100% Plant-Based

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

Gut Friendly

Vegan Friendly

Immune Health

Heavy Metal Tested

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Gutsy Plain & Organic Super Greens Pack
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