Sex and Menopause

Sex and Menopause

Losing your libido can be a point of contention and understandably some anxiety for many couples. The decrease in sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone can change a woman’s sex drive and desire as well as contribute to vaginal dryness and lack of confidence when it comes to intimacy with our partners. So, how do we bring the sexy back?

Communication between couples is paramount to navigate this delicate time which when treated with care and love and the right support can become the most freeing years for many empty nesters.

Truth be told, some women even have surges in sex drive after menopause, but it is important to acknowledge that every woman is unique, and every menopause journey can be quite different.


The plethora of menopause symptoms like hot flushes, prickly skin and weight gain don’t exactly scream sexy, which may be why many women lose interest in passionate encounters.  Hormone imbalances need to be addressed to help reduce stress levels as well as the biological changes you are experiencing.  

Fluctuations in hormones can test the most solid relationships when trying to make sense of the associated mood swings and painful intercourse which can be enough to put a stop to any intimacy.

Vaginal dryness is a real issue with a drop in estrogen levels.  Organic and natural lubricants can be a godsend to help restore elasticity and tissue softness, but this is where an understanding of the connection between a woman’s emotional wellbeing, and her sexual desire needs to be supported.

Being open and honest with yourself and your partner can deepen your intimacy and connection in different ways.  The truth is that life after menopause can be a time to celebrate your changing body and letting go of comparisons from the past can be liberating.


With the right treatment, rest assured, you can enjoy a healthy sex life once more.

Supplements specifically designed to address the various symptoms while balancing hormones is the ideal solution and the sooner the issue is addressed, the better.  A declining sex drive can create a vicious cycle because the longer you go without sex, the more your vaginal tissue will atrophy and this will cause your vagina to shorten, causing greater anxiety and most likely pain on future encounters.

Working with your emotional and physical self while exploring what feels good and removing unrealistic expectations is a great starting point.  Your body is telling you to move slowly and move tenderly which may even heighten your sensual appetite, to the delight of your partner.


Meno Femin has been created by women for women because we understand that menopause is a natural process that requires a natural solution. Combining the best of mother nature with science, we have created a supplement that can support a very intimate time in a woman’s life and restore long forgotten feelings of desire.

PEONY - This traditional Chinese root medicine is known as a nourishing all round female tonic that promotes healthy estrogen balance due to its phytoestrogenic properties. Peony also supports brain health, immune defence and helps relieve muscle soreness and cramps

LIQUORICE - Is well loved by herbalists as a traditional adrenal tonic, so it is perfect for helping the body’s response to stress. Liquorice also decreases the frequency and severity of hot flushes.

ASPARAGUS - also known as Shatavari, translated from Sanskrit as ‘she who possesses a hundred husbands’ and aptly named for its role in supporting and rejuvenating the reproductive system. Shatavari is traditionally taken to increase the female libido.

WITHANIA - also known as Ashwagandha and used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for its immune defence properties and treating sexual function.  Ashwagandha has an ability to increase your vitality and enhance physical stamina.

GYMNEMA - another classic Ayurvedic medicine, translated as ‘the sugar destroyer’. This lovely herb reduces sugar cravings and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, energy fluctuations and weight gain.

The combination of these 5 loving female herbs were selected specifically for their precious contribution to balance hormones and promote restoration of libido.

There is considerable evidence that couples can continue to have a great sex life during and after menopause, and with a little help from Meno Femin, this can be an excellent opportunity to deepen your intimacy and spend quality time finding new ways to keep the passion alive.

Written by Mona Hecke

Mona Hecke is a degree qualified Naturopath, nutrition specialist and health and wellness writer.

With over 20 years in the health industry, beginning with a focus on children and families, and a bestselling book ‘The Lunchbox Revolution’, Mona is now empowering women through education and conversation to take action and embrace change. Gut health, mindfulness, nutrition, hormones, and menopause are the topics that women want and need to know to create their healthy future.

Mona holds certifications in Lifestyle Coaching, Kinesiology, holistic herbal medicine, and nutrition.

A recognised leader in the health industry, Mona’s strong social media presence and passion for influencing change will continue to be a catalyst for health reform for the benefit of every Australian.

Learn more about Mona Hecke.

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