Gwyneth Paltrow Embraces Menopause

Gwyneth Paltrow Embraces Menopause

Gwyneth Paltrow certainly knows how to raise eyebrows and is well known for her sometimes-controversial opinions on women’s health, but credit must go to her for starting conversations many celebrities steer away from.

She has been candid about her lead up to menopause, confirming that she is ‘solidly in perimenopause’, ‘that everything is totally irregular and a surprise all the time’.

These are the conversations we need to be having more, honest, open, and vulnerable enough to acknowledge that we are in foreign territory, and we don’t necessarily have all the answers. 

As Gwyneth has stated, ‘menopause happens whether we want it to or not, we need to talk about it, embrace it and get the facts out there so we can be supported by our loved ones.  And above all, we need to be gentle on ourselves.

For far too long women have felt that they are alone on their menopause journey, when in reality it can and often does involve everyone around them, and not always in a good way.  It can be difficult for partners and family to understand the swings and roundabouts that occur on a daily, even hourly basis for some women in menopause, so the sooner we start bringing them into the conversation, the sooner we can relax into the natural transition that menopause is.


You would probably be surprised to hear that celebrities have the same issues as regular people when it comes to finding reliable information about menopause.  Not surprising is that the advice is the same, because they too will be experiencing a variety of symptoms just like you and me.

  • Talking to an understanding GP is vital. Don’t settle for poor treatment, if you don’t like their response, ditch them and find one who cares about you.
  • Take some personal responsibility for your dietary habits. Ditch the sugar and alcohol and start honouring your body with nourishing foods
  • Start moving again. Excess body weight doesn’t just disappear without making some effort, so find an exercise or movement that you love and do it every day.
  • Be kind to yourself. You are not 20 anymore and your body will be different, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Embrace the changes.

Menopause doesn’t skip celebrities and knowing that people like Gwyneth Paltrow is still figuring it out, can give us all a little more hope that we will figure it out too.

Thankfully there are remedies to help when the symptoms become too much.  Herbal supplements for hot flushes, improving sleep and balancing mood swings can be a gentle place to start to feel somewhat ‘normal’ again.  Why put up with unwanted interruptions when we can get back to doing the things we love sooner and embracing the next magnificent chapter of our lives with the energy and vitality we deserve.

Written by Mona Hecke

Mona Hecke is a degree qualified Naturopath, nutrition specialist and health and wellness writer.

With over 20 years in the health industry, beginning with a focus on children and families, and a bestselling book ‘The Lunchbox Revolution’, Mona is now empowering women through education and conversation to take action and embrace change. Gut health, mindfulness, nutrition, hormones, and menopause are the topics that women want and need to know to create their healthy future.

Mona holds certifications in Lifestyle Coaching, Kinesiology, holistic herbal medicine, and nutrition.

A recognised leader in the health industry, Mona’s strong social media presence and passion for influencing change will continue to be a catalyst for health reform for the benefit of every Australian.

Learn more about Mona Hecke.

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