Belly Bloat DAY 5 - DITCH & DETOX


Today marks the halfway mark of your 10-day Challenge and you should begin to see and feel the effects of shedding old habits. Hopefully you are now ready to take it one step further as you Ditch & Detox old beliefs and habits for good. I’m not talking about drinking gross green sludge, this is a detox of a different kind, one that will lift the weights of whatever was holding you back and give you permission to move forward towards your dreams.


When we honour our body with healthy habits, it tends to have a flow on effect in other areas of our life, and if you truly want to live without guilt and resentment towards yourself, then it is time to let go of the things that no longer serve you, the things that hold you back from moving forward with confidence and conviction.  


Note: All meals are interchangeable. Be flexible and practical and think ahead about the most convenient way to make sure you have a healthy day.

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Let’s begin in the kitchen. Roll in the wheelie bin if you must or grab the laundry basket and begin to remove the franken food from your fridge and pantry. Franken food is packaged fake food that contains no nutritional value, is loaded with preservatives, chemicals and artificial fillers that contributes to inflammation and weight gain and takes you in the opposite direction of where you want to go.


We actually need far less food than we think, so make it your goal to only stock whole foods that nourish and nurture you. Reorganise your pantry with glass jars to make shopping and mealtime easier and healthier. Remove the temptations and you remove the guilt. And it will save you money.


Now move onto the bathroom and under sink cupboards. Streamline your need for multiple products that do the same thing. We have been conditioned by commercialisation to think we need more than we do. There is a plethora of beautiful organic skin and body products that are healthy and chemical free, and same goes for cleaning products. If you are not prepared to use natural cleaning solutions like vinegar, bicarb etc, then look at the wonderful ranges available from your local whole food stores. An example is changing over to laundry wash sheets to reduce reliance upon laundry liquids in plastic bottles. Every change matters, not only to you, your family and your pets, but also the environment.


Ditch & Detox Solutions:

- Bulk food stores & glass storage jars

- Essential Oils for natural fragrance and cleaning

- Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar can replace most cleaning solutions

- Organic Skincare and Body care products

- Shop at Wholefood & Health stores

- Only buy what you need


Make a pledge to yourself and your health to either throw away or use up products and not repurchase anything that is chemical based, dangerous to health or comes with a poison warning.


While you are in the Ditch & Detox mindset, now would be a good time to clean out the wardrobe and help a local charity.


The rule of thumb for keeping clothes comes down to three questions;

- Does it fit me perfectly?

- Do I look and feel fabulous in it?

- Does wearing this bring me joy?


If what is in your wardrobe does not fit these criteria, then ditch it.


When you learn to free yourself and your home of anything that does not contribute to your health and wellbeing, the ditch & detox effect becomes as important as breathing.



Today’s exercises contain an alternate easier movement. You can follow Kirsty for this movement.