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Her Balance Gift Pack

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Introducing the Her Balance Gift Pack, featuring essential items to support women's health and wellness. From the comprehensive benefits of Her Balance to convenient accessories like a Water Bottle, Hand-held Blender, reusable Bag, Lip Balm, and Mediballs, this pack is designed to enhance every aspect of your daily routine.

  • Restoring Balance with Her Balance: Her Balance is formulated to restore harmony in every woman's life. Scientifically crafted to address various body systems from menstruation to menopause, Her Balance offers a wide spectrum of benefits, including support for immunity, brain health, liver function, thyroid health, stress reduction, improved sleep, and digestion.

  • Stay Hydrated with the Pink Water Bottle: Our pink water bottle holds up to 1 litre of water, featuring convenient markers to help you meet your daily hydration goals. With an easy-access flip straw and carry handle, staying hydrated has never been easier or more stylish.

  • Effortless Mixing with the Hand-Held Blender: Experience convenience like never before with our sleek and powerful hand-held blender. Designed to effortlessly mix your daily supplements, this accessory ensures smooth, clump-free drinks in seconds. Stylish and easy to clean, it's the perfect addition to your daily routine.

  • Nourishing Lip Balm: Our lip balm, available in pink and purple, is packed with the goodness of Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Vegan and organic, it provides essential moisture and protection for your lips, keeping them soft and supple.

  • Reusable Bag for Convenience: The Nature's Help reusable bag in pink is compact, lightweight, and perfect for your handbag. Whether you're at the supermarket or on the go, this bag is a lifesaver for those moments when you need an extra set of hands or forget your bags.

  • Complimentary Thank You Box: Each pack comes beautifully boxed in our complimentary Thank You box, making it ideal for last-minute gifts or saving time on wrapping. It's the perfect way to show appreciation and make someone's day special.

This pack offers everything you need to support your health and wellness journey. With thoughtful design and premium quality, each item is crafted to enhance your daily routine and promote overall well-being. Treat yourself or someone special to the gift of health and convenience with our curated pack.


• Her Balance (normally $69.95)

• Daily incentive water bottle

• Hand held blender

• Reusable shopping bag

• Vegan lip gloss

• Medi balls

• Complimentary gift box

Her Balance Gift Pack
Her Balance Gift Pack
Her Balance Gift Pack
Her Balance Gift Pack
Her Balance Gift Pack
Her Balance Gift Pack
Her Balance Gift Pack
Her Balance Gift Pack
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