Nature's Help Guide to Menopause


How to Stop Hot Flushes

There is a secret sign language that ladies recognise in each other, accompanied by a sympathetic nod, anytime we see a fellow menopausal woman fanning herself to relieve the rising heat. It can happen anywhere at any time, and it usually begins with a slight tingle or prickly sensation that quickly demands our full attention to the incoming flush.

35 Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is a natural phase of change all women experience. It officially marks the end of fertility and menstruation as the ovaries reduce production of the sex hormones; estrogen and progesterone. There are a range of symptoms women may experience during this phase, and although this change happens to us all, no two women will have the exact same experience.

Is excess weight getting you down?

Has another winter gone by where you swore you would get in shape in time for summer? Well, the winter solstice has been and gone and Spring is just around the corner, which means Summer isn’t far away. Don’t panic there is still time to make changes and see the improvements you dream of, but it will take commitment beginning with being honest about expectations of yourself.

Natural vs. Synthetic

One of the most difficult decisions to make when experiencing menopause symptoms is whether to choose natural supplements vs hormone replacement therapy (HRT). There is a plethora of information on Dr Google and the pressure to make the right decision can be overwhelming.

Men and Menopause

You talk amongst your friends and relatives about your personal medical issues but become shy about having those same discussions with your partner. We can agree though that the same goes for our fellas. They are reticent discussing their health issues too. Men are notorious for not wanting to go to the doctor.

Sex and Menopause

Losing your libido can be a point of contention and understandably some anxiety for many couples. The decrease in sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone can change a woman’s sex drive and desire as well as contribute to vaginal dryness and lack of confidence when it comes to intimacy with our partners.

Kirsty Strowger and the Menopause Collection

Kirsty Strowger

Women are rejoicing and praising Kirsty Strowger for helping put an end to their menopause suffering.

For over 10 years Kirsty has helped tens of thousands of Australians reduce inflammation and disease with her Australian No.1 bestselling organic turmeric supplement range.

During this time, I also listened to so many women talk about how they are coping with symptoms of menopause. Most women found their symptoms to be frustrating, embarrassing and in some cases debilitatingsays Kirsty.

On average, women will go through menopause for 7-10 years and have 3-5 of over 40 symptoms - Kirsty was determined to help women find relief.


“Women in their 40s and 50s are very conscious and educated on the importance of a healthy mind and body as they age. When it comes to menopause, we are looking for natural solutions before pharmaceutical ones. Women want to avoid hormone replacement therapy if they can but up until now there haven’t been many alternatives to choose from” Ms Strowger says.

Big supplement brands have a generic one size fits all menopause product in their range that claims to fix a lot of menopausal symptoms. Women are not one size; we are all uniquely different with different needs at different times. That’s why generic products don’t work for most women. They simply aren’t targeted enough.

In 2020 Kirsty set out on a journey to create Australia’s first all-natural evidence base range of supplements to help women cope with the changes that their bodies go through during menopause, without feeling like they are losing their mind. “The best part about my collection is that it is was created for women by women”

“What makes my range different and more effective than others on the market, is that each product contains ingredients at therapeutic doses from traditional, western, and Chinese medicine. Other brands pack in lots of ingredients at small amounts, and people wonder why they don’t work?”

The other unique quality about The Menopause Collection is that it has been thoughtfully designed so women can safely take multiple products without any contradictions. Women often have multiple symptoms and with this range they can take products suited to the symptoms they are experiencing at the time, then swap them around as their symptoms change. It really is genius, and this is why women love it.

Nature’s Help offers much more than just products, they offer online support, regular communications, a Facebook community group, and an in-house naturopath.

Ms Strowger says “I wanted to offer more than just capsules in a bottle. I wanted women to know they could reach out and not feel alone during this time. I wanted women to feel they could own and honour this phase of their life regardless of how much their hormones were causing havoc. I didn’t want to hear another story about a 20-year marriage break up due to couples not understanding menopause and how to deal with it.

"I wanted my customers to know that I have the solution and that I put everything into creating a range they could trust. I hope I have succeeded”.

The reviews for The Menopause Collection speak for themselves. It’s changing women’s lives, knowing that the best years are still ahead of them.

Join thousands of Australian women getting relief from menopause with Nature’s Help. As Ms Strowger says: “We are all in this together, so don’t do it alone”.