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Flatter Me - Debloat & Detox 300g

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What causes bloating?

Feeling puffy and bloated? You're not alone! Bloating affects around 30% of us regularly. From occasional unwelcome wind to full-on irritable bowel issues, it's a common annoyance.

So, why does it happen? Well, most of the time, it's a gas party in your gut. Blame it on the food and drinks you consume, or maybe you're just a pro at swallowing air during meals. Sometimes, it's your microbiome, digestive enzymes, or lack of fibre and hydration causing the issues.

Constipation and diarrhea? These are like the red flags of tummy troubles. Constipation means waste isn't leaving your body as it should, while diarrhea means its leaving too fast and can leave you nutrient-deprived.

Stress is another culprit in this drama. When stress hormones are wreaking havoc, your digestive system takes a backseat. It's too busy dealing with stress-related inflammation. The result? Unwanted weight gain and not-so-great mental health.

To beat the bloat, you might need to

  • tweak your diet
  • load up on fruits and veggies
  • bid farewell to greasy takeout
  • cut back on booze and sugar and
  • keep stress in check

Remember, your gut and mood are tight buddies, so what you eat and drink can affect how you feel.

When your digestive system is in sync, you'll feel lighter, more energetic, and enjoy a sunnier outlook on life.

How Does ‘Flatter Me’ Help?

  • Bloat Banisher: Feeling like a balloon? 'Flatter Me' to the rescue for bloating, gas, and tummy discomfort!
  • Fantastic Formula: Our secret blend helps you DEBLOAT and DETOX, keeping your digestive system happy and boosting your wellbeing.
  • Healthy Digestion: It activates your digestion, ensuring you have regular and satisfying eliminations. No more feeling sick or sluggish!
  • Microbiome Booster: We've added friendly probiotics to support your gut, your immune system, and your mental health.
  • Energy & Clarity: Bid farewell to excess waste, and say hello to more energy and sharper thinking.
  • Delightful Taste: 'Flatter Me' is not just good; it's delicious! Add it to water, your water bottle, or use it to sweeten your smoothies.
  • Daily Detox: Make 'Flatter Me' a daily habit, and let it do its 'detox and debloat' dance in your body. Get ready to feel amazing! 



• Relieves abdominal bloating

• Reduces digestive discomfort

• Promotes bowel regularity

• Detoxifies the digestive tract

• Increase natural gut flora

• Soothes an upset stomach


DIATOMACEOUS EARTH is a type of fine powder made from the sediment of fossilized algae found in water. The algae is high in a compound called silica which makes the diatomaceous earth also high in silica. Historically, this has been used for treating high cholesterol, improving skin, nails, teeth, bones, hair, and gut health. Silica is regarded as natures scalpel and works as an intestinal broom to clean the bowel wall of any built-up mucus, fungi, heavy metals, debris, and stubborn foreign matter by drawing water into the bowel and promoting evacuation. The benefit of healthy, daily bowel movements also contributes to a well-functioning immune system as 70% of our immunity is located in our gut. When in balance, the superhighway from our gut to our brain promotes better mental health and a happier sense of wellbeing.

• Reduces gas and bloating

• Promotes regular bowel movements

• Healthier looking skin, hair, and nails

• Improves energy levels

• Increases hydration and nutrient absorption

GALACTO-OLIGOSACCHARIDES – GOS have a unique chemical structure, similar to carbohydrates found naturally in human breast milk. Their point of difference allows them to pass undigested into the large intestine, bypassing digestion in the stomach and intestines. In the large bowel they act as prebiotics where they stimulate the proliferation of beneficial bacteria. Our modern lifestyles, poor diet choices, lack of fibre and stress all inhibit good bacteria growth. This is where GOS come in, increasing the natural gut flora of specific bacteria which improve overall gut health, promote immunity, reduce the severity of colds, flu, and opportunistic infectious diseases, as well as improve the absorption of calcium and magnesium which increase bone density.

• Promotes beneficial bacteria

• Increase natural gut flora

• Good source of fibre

• Improves bone density

CRANBERRY (DRIED) – Cranberries are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C, the best-known antioxidant. Cranberries are also rich in manganese, Vitamin E, K1, Copper and Quercetin. One of the most effective actions of Cranberry is the prevention of bacterial infections like UTI’s, common with women globally. When consumed regularly, Cranberry can also improve several risk factors for heart disease, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, liver issues and can soothe an upset stomach.

• High source of antioxidants

• Supports urinary health

• Soothes an upset stomach

KIWIFRUIT (DRIED) – Kiwi fruit has a reputation for its high Vitamin C content, but it is rich in dietary fibre and ideal for improving digestive and bowel health. Kiwi is rich with vitamins and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help protect cells against oxidative damage, improve immune function and support production of collagen and neurotransmitters.

• Great source of Vitamin C

• High in fibre

• Improves digestive & bowel health

LACTOSPORE – Bacillus Coagulans is a stable probiotic bacterium that survives stomach acid and retains its potency in the intestines, where it can support GI upset, such as occasional gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea.

Our intestinal tract contains trillions of bacteria that, when a person is healthy, coexist with us in a beneficial and harmonious relationship. The beneficial bacteria help digest food, support the immune system, regulate the metabolism, helps fight allergies and infections, support brain health, and facilitate the growth of other beneficial microorganisms.

Bacillus coagulans is a unique probiotic supplement because it is a lactic acid producing bacteria. It bypasses being killed by the stomach and is activated once ingested and reverts to growing good bacteria in the intestines. There it reduces digestive discomforts like bloating and gas, while supporting mental wellbeing and positive mood.

•Promotes beneficial bacterial growth

• Supports the immune system

• Promotes stability and diversity of gut microbiome

WELLMUNE – Wellmune is an immune booster. Made from yeast beta glucan, it is clinically shown to help strengthen the immune system by training it to be ready to react when needed. When taken daily, immune cells are better prepared to go into action.

Beta Glucan is a type of soluble dietary fibre found in plant based foods, known for many health benefits including digestive and heart health. The soluble fibre absorbs water and assists in slowing the digestion time, promoting more stable blood sugar levels, reducing bad LDL cholesterol levels, feeding beneficial bacteria in your digestive system, reducing inflammation, and providing a great source of antioxidants.

• Strengthens the immune system

• Improves psychological wellbeing

• Supports digestive health

Fennel Seed is one of the oldest medicinal herbs in the world. It has been traditionally used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians as a fragrant herb to season dishes as well as an effective digestive tonic. Fennel is known to be an antioxidant, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, and to stimulate gastrointestinal motility.

In many Asian and Indian homes and restaurants, candied fennel seeds, often vibrantly multicoloured in hues of pink, green and orange, are eaten after meals to cleanse the palate as a breath freshener, and a digestive aid.

• Improves digestive health

• Relieves bloating and fatulence

• Promotes healthy bowel detoxification

ZINC GLUCONATE – Zinc Gluconate is the zinc salt of gluconic acid, a popular form for the delivery of zinc as a dietary supplement. Zinc is an important mineral to the body supporting healthy growth, helping heal wounds, keeping the immune system strong, thyroid function, blood clotting and of course your sense of taste and smell.

Zinc is a major player in the creation of DNA, growth of healthy cells and building protein, and because this trace mineral isn’t stored in the body, we need to make sure we are consuming zinc in our diet or from a supplement.

• DNA repair and growth

• Supports the immune system

• Hair, skin and collagen support


Serving size:

10 grams (1 scoop).

How do I take this product?

Mix one scoop of Flatter Me with water or add to a smoothie for natural sweetening. Enjoy once daily for relief of bloating and irritable bowel, and for a gentle, healthy detox.

What are the ingredients in this formula?

• Diatomaceous earth

• Prebiotic fibre (galacto-oligosaccharides) (25%)

• Cranberry fruit juice, dried (10%)

• Green Kiwifruit, dried (10%)

• LactoSpore (probiotic bacteria) (8%)

• Flavour (glycine)

• Wellmune (Yeast beta-Glucans) (2.5%)

• Flavour (fennel seed extract)

• Zinc gluconate (zinc 12 mg)  (0.8%).

What can I expect?

Flatter Me may promote an initial bowel cleanse. We recommend taking Flatter Me after lunch or after dinner to encourage healthy overnight evacuation.  If you have a sensitive digestion, begin by taking half a scoop and increase until desired result is achieved.

Does not contain:

Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Lactose, Soy, Artificial colours, Artificial flavours, Artificial sweeteners, Bee products, Corn, Egg, MSG or any kind of nut.


Do not use if pregnant, likely to become pregnant or you suspect you could be pregnant. Do not use whilst breastfeeding. Consult your healthcare professional before use. If symptoms persist, contact your Doctor or healthcare professional. Store below 25 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight. Do not use if the cap seal is broken.


Q: Who can take Flatter Me?

Flatter Me is recommended for anyone over the age of 12 who experiences abdominal bloating, digestive discomfort, and looking for a gentle, effective daily detox.

Q: What are the ingredients of Flatter Me?

• Diatomaceous earth

• Prebiotic fibre (galacto-oligosaccharides) (25%)

• Cranberry fruit juice, dried (10%)

• Green Kiwifruit, dried (10%)

• LactoSpore (probiotic bacteria) (8%)

• Flavour (glycine)

• Wellmune (Yeast beta-Glucans) (2.5%)

• Flavour (fennel seed extract)

• Zinc gluconate (zinc 12 mg) (0.8%)

Q: How do I take Flatter Me?

Mix 10g (1 scoop) of Flatter Me with water or add to a smoothie for natural sweetening. (10g scoop supplied).

Q: What flavour is Flatter Me?

Flatter Me has a sweet fruity flavour.

Q: Is Flatter Me vegan?

Yes, Flatter me is vegan friendly.

Q: Where are your products made?

All Nature’s Help products are proudly made in certified facilities in Australia.

Flatter Me - Debloat & Detox 300g
Flatter Me - Debloat & Detox 300g
Flatter Me - Debloat & Detox 300g
Flatter Me - Debloat & Detox 300g
Flatter Me - Debloat & Detox 300g
Flatter Me - Debloat & Detox 300g
Flatter Me - Debloat & Detox 300g
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