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Relieves symptoms of hot flushes

Eases symptoms of mood swings

Maintains healthy adrenal gland function

Reduces restless sleep

Supports healthy hormonal balance

Calms the mind


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Hot flushes and anxiety - what’s the connection? Well just the fact that a hot flush can appear at any time without warning is enough to induce major anxiety! This pack tackles both with a combination of traditional herbal remedies that will help you feel cool, calm and collected as you go about your day.

The changes in our physical and emotional state during the early stage of menopause (such as hot flushes and that long list of other symptoms) can take us by surprise and add up to feeling overloaded and frazzled. Not good. You can complement the ingredients in Cool & Calm by also avoiding some of the typical triggers associated with anxiety and/or hot flushes:
• Stress
• Caffeine
• Alcohol
• Spicy foods
• Too much red meat
• Tight clothing
• Heat generally
• Cigarette smoke.


Our hero ingredient in Meno Cool is Black Cohosh, which has a long history of traditional use and has been widely used in Western cultures since the early 1800s for relief of the symptoms of menopause and in particular. It helps balance female hormones, acts as a uterine tonic, and relieves sweats, flushes, insomnia, and nervous irritability. You can view the full list of Meno Cool ingredients and benefits here.

Our hero ingredient in Meno Calm is Motherwort which has been carefully selected not just for the calming of nerves but also to relocate the nervous system, which is an important part of coping with symptoms of stress and anxiety. You can view the full list ingredients for Meno Calm here.
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