MENO RENEW - Sleep & Restlessness


Induces sleep

Reduces restlessness

Relieves nervous tension

Decreases nervous exhaustion

Reduces mental fatigue

Reduces the time to fall asleep


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For the love of the almighty, let me sleep! Just give me 6 hours, I’m not greedy, I’ll take 6. How many of you go to sleep tired, I mean like trying to keep your eyes open tired? You go through your nightly ritual getting ready for bed: fluff the pillows, set the alarm (in hope that you sleep through until it wakes you) get into bed, turn out the light, close your eyes and you manoeuvre yourself into your favourite sleeping position. You take a deep breath and slowly exhale the day away. “Come on, you know you want to sleep.” You feel your body getting heavy, yes, yes, this is happening and then…

No, no, no… don’t open them, don’t do it. “You are kidding me! What are you doing woman, you are dog darn tired! You were literally asleep on the couch not 20 minutes ago!” Then it starts again. The next 2 hours of tossing and turning before you manage to fall into a shallow state of consciousness, just enough to have a ridiculous dream are then BOOM! You are awake again. I told the team I want the top sleeping herbs in this product and we got 3 of the best.

So there you have it. Another product using a fresh approach for a natural process, created for women by women. We only used 3 ingredients at optimal strength to get the best results for you.



Lemon Balm is a herb from the mint family. It’s believed to treat a range of medical disorders affecting the digestive tract and nervous system, and its uses date back to 14th century Europe. Insomnia and anxiety are common features of menopause. It’s not hard to see the connection. Lack of sleep for a prolonged period will bring out the green-eyed monster in any of us. Another interesting fact about Lemon Balm is that it’s also used to help memory and mental clarity. Of course, improved sleep will help mental function all by itself! And its botanical name Melissa means sweetness and honey, which is like us after a great night’s sleep!

• Relieves mild migrane symptoms
• Reduces mild nerve pain
• Decreases symptoms of stress
• Relieves sleeplessness

California Poppy contains compounds that have long been used for helping people with anxiety, sleeping trouble and nervous agitation. Native American tribes from different parts of California used this plant for many traditional purposes and especially as a calming agent. It has a strong reputation with traditional Western herbalists for its calming and supportive actions for the entire nervous system. In addition, it’s a traditional remedy for anxiety-induced nervous indigestion, which can interfere infuriatingly with sleep.

• Reduces symptoms of nervous indigestion
• Decreases nervous energy
• Reduces time to fall asleep
• Induces sleep

Chinese Dates, also known as red dates, have been used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for centuries to treat sleep disorders. In fact, many TCM herbal formulas include red dates, as they are used for balancing one’s qi or life force. Interestingly, red dates are also used to harmonise or “balance” other herbs in a formula. In the modern food world, the fruit of the red date is very popular for its sweet flavour and is highly recommended as a tonic and “natural vitamin supplement” due to its high vitamin content. However, our formula uses the seed, which has the calming and sleep-promoting power we crave.

• Induces sleep
• Reduces time to fall asleep
• Decreases cognitive fatigue
• Relieves restlessness





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