Free Health Check with every saliva test


A solution to IVD’s shortcomings

Improved safety through non-invasive collection

An easier sample type to self-administer in presence of a healthcare provider

Better Stability and Transportability

An affordable solution compared to blood or nasopharyngeal

Accurate detection of oral and systemic disease biomarkers


Free Shipping (Over $150)

The Saliva Test can give you a much clearer picture of hormone imbalance than a standard blood test.  It’s a very simple test performed in the comfort of your home and then sent to our lab for analysis. When you add this to the cart, our resident Naturopath, Mona will be in touch to book the test as well as follow up with a FREE 15min Health Check when your results are back. Standard hormone profile tests begin at $146 including postage. Please note this may vary depending on individual test requirements.

Free Health Check with every saliva test
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