DEBLOAT Belly Package


Cleanses the digestive system and improves gut health

High in Silica for healthy hair skin and nails

Reduces gas and bloating

Helps improve energy levels

Maintains an optimal metabolism

Supports healthy digestive function


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To take the Belly Bloat challenge to the next level and support your new health journey, we have created a special package of supplements. This one-time offer includes our best-selling Collagen Beauty Shake, Gutsy Digestive Support, Turmeric Capsules and Meno Rejuv, This VIP pack is only available to Belly Bloat customers.


Many protein shakes can leave you feeling over full and bloated, but our pea protein-based collagen shakes containing prebiotics and 8 amnio acids are light and gentle on your tummy. With added collagen for vitalised hair, skin and nails and joint health, they are the perfect healthy snack or even meal replacement just by adding in some of your favourite fresh or frozen fruit. They come in to 2 delicious flavours, creamy vanilla and salted caramel.  



Our Gutsy (Diatomaceous Earth) is naturally high in silica to help clear your digestive tract of a build-up of mucus, faecal matter, bad bacteria, fungi and heavy metals by absorbing these things on their way out.

In addition to scraping all that junk out of your gut, silica has many other benefits:
- Healthier looking skin, hair, and nails.
- Improves functionality of the liver and colon
- Increases nutrient and mineral absorption and hydration levels
- Reduces gas and bloating
- Helps improve energy levels



Turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories and is known to combat indigestion, bloating and gas. But if you are, like millions of Australians who get mild stomach pain every now and then, your diet or lifestyle maybe to blame. In those cases, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds in turmeric can help alleviate pain that comes from fattening or spicy foods, alcohol, or lack of exercise. Our turmeric capsules also contain ginger, a wonderful digestive aid as it has a calming effect on the intestines which helps relieve gas, bloating and acid reflux, while also allowing the gut to absorb more nutrients from food.



TruNiagen (Nicotinamide riboside chloride) raises the levels of NAD + in the cells. NAD is a crucial enzyme that regulates energy, metabolism, and age protection. While most anti-aging products try to reverse signs of aging on your skin, Tru Niagen aims to reverse signs of aging from inside your body. NAD+ acts as fuel for many key biological processes, such as:

  • - Repairing damaged DNA
  • - Converting food into energy
  • - Fortifying cell defence systems
  • - Setting your body‚Äôs internal clock or circadian rhythm
DEBLOAT Belly Package
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