Belly Bloat DAY 4 - NOURISH


Today is Day 4 and you will hopefully already be feeling the benefits of nourishing yourself with whole foods, adequate hydration, and daily movement.


Hippocrates famously stated, ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’.


Imagine if we all considered food as medicine? We would have fewer lifestyle diseases, less cancer, while enjoying more energy, better sleep, and a more positive outlook on life.


Nourishment from food begins long before you sit down at the table. Obviously, the quality of the food is important, hopefully as much organic as possible, but also think about the environment in which you prepare and consume your food.


Note: All meals are interchangeable. Be flexible and practical and think ahead about the most convenient way to make sure you have a healthy day.

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Whether you dine alone, with a partner or share with friends, there is no reason to take short cuts when it comes to eating quality food. Maintaining good habits will pay off big time as we age and is reflected in our vitality. This is like a mirror into our inner health and how we present to the world. Vitality affects our energy, metabolism, mood, skin, and genetic expression of inherited weaknesses.


So, before you take a short cut through the fast-food drive through, think about the vitality and life force of the food on offer, and the consequence of your choice. Instead, go home, put on some music, make a salad, choose a protein, and nourish yourself. You will feel better, sleep better, and look better, and far more likely to make better choices tomorrow.


Nourishment is a holistic practice that encompasses so much more than food. If we are to truly nourish our body, mind, and soul, we must begin to look at the world around us and how it contributes to our overall wellbeing.


It includes;


- Hydration with clean, filtered water

- Engaging in conscious breathing exercises in fresh air

- Moving daily in the sunshine

- Prioritising relationships and nurturing love

- Choosing chemical free household and body products

- Practising gratitude


Nourishing yourself comes from daily habits and a belief that you deserve a life filled with great health and vitality. This can only be achieved through consistent commitment, which means eating the best quality organic food, using organic skincare, throwing away household chemicals, spending time in nature, relishing time alone to recharge and fill your own cup of happiness. All these things matter and contribute to complete nourishment of the body, mind, and soul.


The challenge for many people is to acknowledge that these acts that many may deem selfish, are not only critical but essential in the pursuit for a life that is nourished in love, health, and happiness.


While it is noble and kind to take care of others and make sure that everyone around you is happy, this is a wake-up call for you to make sure your cup of happiness is overflowing first. Once you learn the art of nourishment in a holistic sense, you will be ready to share from your cup, knowing that the lesson is not for you to always do things for others, but for others to learn to do things for themselves.



Today’s exercises contain an alternate easier movement. You can follow Kirsty for this movement.