Belly Bloat DAY 2 - MINDSET


Today is Day 2 and you are here because you have committed to creating new and healthy habits. Choosing change is never easy and it’s not just about your physical well-being. It’s also not a one-way street. When you eat better, you will have better mental health, and when you have better mental health, you will eat better!


Years of bad conditioning has left most of us so confused over what to eat that we have forgotten to ‘tune in’ to what our body is telling us. We have lost our intuition and ability to connect with food and how it makes us feel. Nourishing ourselves should not be chore or something we resent. We must learn to reprogram our minds and reward our bodies with wholesome food, as opposed to a society that uses toxic, inflammatory food as rewards that begin in childhood. Most of us have tried multiple diets from the cabbage soup diet to the no carbs diet and they all fail because they have an end date. Once we are done, we go straight back to old habits because ‘diets’ are impossible to follow for extended periods of time. Diets make us feel like we are depriving ourselves or we are missing out. It’s time to ditch the diets for good and create healthy lifestyle habits from this day forward.


Note: All meals are interchangeable. Be flexible and practical and think ahead about the most convenient way to make sure you have a healthy day.

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Today is a new day and a new opportunity for you to connect with food and how it makes you feel. Before you even think you are hungry, hydrate with a glass a water, herbal tea, or broth. Sometimes we really are just dehydrated. When you do eat, take note of how you feel an hour later. When you eat food that nourishes you, you should feel satisfied and energised, not bloated and lethargic. Whole foods from plants contain a life force that promotes vitality and that is what we need to aim for every day at every meal.


Initially, while we reprogram our food habits, we must ask the question; ‘will this food fuel and energise me or will this food slow down my metabolism?’ Connecting how food makes you feel will make food choices easier going forward and eventually become part of your subconscious, so healthy choices become automatic and easy and not a chore.


- How will this food make me feel?

- Will this food increase my metabolism or slow it down?

- I choose to nourish and nurture myself today

- Eat consciously, chew slowly, make time to dine

- Don’t eat out of boredom, put down the fork and go for a walk

- When in doubt, hydrate before you eat


The only person standing in the way of you, is you! Times of doubt will challenge you to dig deep and really begin to connect how poor food choices affect your mental health and wellbeing. It may not be that obvious at first and you may find that keeping a diary helps, because when this awareness becomes apparent to you, only then can you begin to move forward and make consistently better choices that make you feel healthier.


It is also well documented that the superhighway between the gut and the brain are interconnected and how the relationship of good digestive health affects our mood, our thoughts, our behaviours, and our outlook on life. Your gut may need extra support with a probiotic supplement or the introduction of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi or kombucha.


The moral of today’s message is to check in, choose wisely and make it count!