Belly Bloat DAY 10 - REWARD & REPEAT


It’s day 10 and some of you may be rejoicing that it is over, but the hope is that this challenge has opened your eyes to future possibilities and a healthier way of life. At the very least, if you stuck to the nutrition plan guidelines and activity calendar, you should be feeling lighter and you have even lost some irritating health problems along the way. You should be congratulated.


Western culture has hijacked the reward response in our brain to primarily relate reward with unhealthy stimulants like food and alcohol. We have all experienced this dopamine pathway of the brain, when we are exposed to a stimulus which is rewarding, we experience pleasure. This can be said for something as simple as chocolate. The problem is we have conditioned ourselves from young children to be rewarded with unhealthy options like lollypops, ice-cream, and equally sugary treats. These bad habits are carried into adulthood where we continue to repeat these patterns to our detriment unless we consciously make better choices.


Note: All meals are interchangeable. Be flexible and practical and think ahead about the most convenient way to make sure you have a healthy day.

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Addiction is a hard habit to break and going cold turkey is not the answer either. We need to find something that will still reward us with pleasure and light up the dopamine pathways of our brain.


Here are some healthier suggestions for when you next feel like treating yourself:


- Pedicure/Manicure

- Massage

- Gold Class Movie

- Scented Candle

- Dancing Night Out

- New Book

- Long Hot Bath

- New Sexy Lingerie


These are all healthy options which I know will bring a smile to your face. It’s funny how we are conditioned to think of these as luxuries or selfish, so let’s turn around that negative talk and reward ourselves with experiences that will bring us lasting joy as opposed to a kilo on the hips and inevitable regret.


Serotonin is the neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness and this is the state of being we are striving for. It will last as long as the pleasurable stimulus is activated, so it is important we do something every day that brings us joy. Over time these actions become habits and create a lifestyle that will last forever. People around you will notice and will want what you are having.


Sharing your experience and success is infectious and helping others is equally rewarding. Teaching children, friends, and family how to set goals and achieve a healthier life is a priceless gift as well as the generational impact towards preventative health, taking responsibility, reducing chronic disease and the burden on the healthcare system.


Human nature compels us to repeat experiences that make us feel good, so if this 10-day challenge made you feel good, you are more than welcome to repeat it for another 10 days or even longer. No harm will come to you from eating well, hydrating, exercising, and taking care of your health. In fact, the only side effects may well be extreme joy, happiness, exuberance for life and a compulsion to hug everyone you meet while sharing with them your amazing journey of success.


If it feels good, do it, then repeat, repeat, repeat!



Today’s exercises contain an alternate easier movement. You can follow Kirsty for this movement.