Belly Bloat DAY 1 - REST & DIGEST


Today is Day 1 and one of the best things you can do for your digestive health, is to give it a rest, and the best way to do this to have a ‘liquid’ day. Don’t panic, this is not about reducing your nutrition intake or starving yourself, but rather nourishing yourself with high value food in liquid form.


A ‘rest & digest’ day is exactly that, a day for your digestive system to recover and should only ever be a temporary measure. It can offer great relief to people who live with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel, bloating, constipation and many other unknown or undiagnosed digestive disturbances that create pain and gas.


When having a rest & digest day, it’s not just about the physical body but also about being mindful of what we consume and the way we consume our food.


Note: All meals are interchangeable. Be flexible and practical and think ahead about the most convenient way to make sure you have a healthy day.

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This is an opportunity to slow down, eat mindfully and not gulp our meals in haste. A conscious way of consuming liquids slowly is to eat them with a spoon, even a smoothie. This may sound strange in the beginning, but it is an exercise in patience and ‘tuning in’ to our body’s satiety signals.


Monday is the perfect day to rest & digest because it will set you up to continue good habits for the rest of the week. You will feel satisfied without the bloat, and this will immediately lift your self-esteem and confidence in the way you go about your daily life for the rest of the week. It will also give you the courage and motivation to commit to this challenge and establish new, healthier habits that will last a lifetime.


We begin our 10 Day Challenge with a liquid day to help you feel good from the get-go. You may experience less bloating, more trips to the bathroom and your stomach may already begin to feel lighter. It’s important to stay hydrated and we have given you plenty of options to choose from.


A liquid day doesn’t have to be boring. Make sure you pack as much flavour as you can into your liquid meals. Of course, you can buy organic broths from health stores, but making a big pot will not only fill your home with delicious aromas but you are assured of getting the very best quality broth from fresh and seasonal produce, packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. You can enjoy your broth anytime during the Challenge where hydration is mentioned.


- Herbal teas

- Fruit and vegetable smoothies

- Fruit and vegetable juices

- Vegetable soup, bone broth, miso soup

- Ginger, lemon, and cucumber water

- Watermelon & Mint Crush

- Probiotic drinks

- Mineral Mocktail


To assist the elimination pathways, reduce inflammation and restore digestive balance, you can add in supplements like pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, aloe vera, green powders, turmeric, glutamine, slippery elm, essential fats like flaxseed/hemp oil.


You can choose to implement a ‘rest & digest’ day anytime you like, but it is a great way to kick off a challenge and leave bad habits behind. If you plan to do it longer, please make sure you are under the guidance of a practitioner who understands your current health conditions and your health goals.