Don't waste time

It seems like only yesterday I was packing the kids lunches for school.  Remember those crazy days and busy mornings when we understood the true meaning of ‘multi tasking’?

But suddenly I find myself with time to spare, no longer with the demands of motherhood, instead idle time to do as I please, linger with my morning coffee and simply enjoy the serenity. 

It is in these quiet moments I notice the subtle changes happening to my body, the softer curves of my hips, the extra smile lines on my face (especially with my glasses on) and the random aches that move around depending on the day and the weather.

It would be easy to feel sorry for myself and slip back under the doona, but instead I wrestle with the self-talk and remind myself to be grateful for this time because it too will pass by in the blink of an eye and living with regret would be far worse.

If there is one life lesson I could share with women everywhere it would be to not waste time. That doesn’t mean that every waking hour should be filled for the sake of it, but to consciously fill your cup with things that bring you joy. Stop obsessing over your body weight and that extra belly roll, and start diarising time with friends and family, fun activities, exercise, cooking something new, and most importantly ‘me time’, time to read a book, a walk on the beach or dancing around the kitchen.

Menopause is just another life phase that will pass, hopefully without too much drama if you have sought the guidance of professional help and support. There are many aspects of menopause that change who we are and how we view the world and that should be regarded as a blessing rather than a burden.

So when you next find yourself with time on your hands, ask yourself what you can do that will bring joy to your day, and then go out and do it. Don’t procrastinate, don’t go back to bed, don’t waste any more time!  

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