Turmeric Paste for Animals

Turmeric Paste for Animals


“I, as a Veterinarian, have been using Turmeric successfully for years with animals to control inflammation and pain in itchy skin conditions like allergy, atopy, arthritis, infections, age degeneration and various cancers.I have seen benefits in all animals in my care: dogs, humans, horses, cattle, sheep, crocodiles, reptiles, chickens, ducks, cage birds, cats, alpacas, guinea pigs, rabbits etc.” – Dr Doug English



Veterinarian owner of Casuarina Seaside Vet in NSW,
“I have seen the benefits of turmeric for animals as an anti-inflammatory and for general health and wellbeing first-hand with my beautiful Cocker Spaniel, Goonie. His daily food contains Turmeric, which he loves the taste of, and is seeing him through his senior years. I have also incorporated Puppy Turmeric Lattes for my furred clients at my veterinarian clinic; Casuarina Seaside Vet.” Dr Andy Pieris (BVSc)



Turmeric Paste for Humans


Turmeric is so popular these days and it has many health benefits:  It aids in digestion, works as an anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial. There are many ways that you can add Turmeric to your diet, however, one of the easy and tasty ways is to use the Turmeric paste with food. So, how do you make it? It’s actually pretty fast and easy to make.


Take it directly
This is a popular way to enjoy your Turmeric paste if you like the taste of it, take it as it is 2-3 times per day in small quantities.


Golden honey
If you find the taste a little hard to swallow, add in some Manuka honey to your taste. We all the benefits of Manuka honey by now, so this is a winning combination.


Golden milk
A very popular pleasant evening drink and a great winter warmer.


Salad dressing
Adding a small Turmeric paste to your favourite dressing really doesn’t alter the taste.



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