The name Nature’s Help is based on the philosophy that within nature a myriad of healthy alternatives can be found to help our bodies feel, look and work as mother nature intended.

Kirsty Strowger

Managing Director

Nature’s Help director Kirsty Strowger has long been known for her natural passion to help people feel their best. Before she embarked on the Nature’s Help journey, she was a beauty and colon hydro-therapist with over 15 years experience and clinics in the UK, Germany and here in Australia.

“We are excited to show you around our relaunched Nature’s Help website” exclaims Kirsty excited. The site has recently undertaken a massive makeover, not only is it bigger, better and faster than it used to be, it now boasts a wider range of products that is constantly growing, an exciting new members only area and loads of stuff you’ll enjoy browsing; blogs, articles, studies, recipes and more. Kirsty and her team have dedicated themselves to looking for formula’s that focus on inner health and beauty. “It is all about feeling the best you can, and often that starts from the inside” Kirsty says, “Once you get your gut health right and reduce the inflammation within the body, you will give it the best chance to function at optimal levels”. Nature’s Helps sister company “Turmeric Australia” is dedicated to gut health and inflammation, with a range of top selling Turmeric and Bio-Fermented Probiotics specifically for these affections. Turmeric Australia’s products don’t only cater for us humans, “We love our furry, feathered and four legged family members too, so we even created a Turmeric product with Pre and Probiotics for them!”. Kirsty believes that with the help of her amazing team, she had positioned Nature’s Help to be Australia’s most reliable and trusted online store for quality natural products and exceptional service.

Sian Dann

Business Administrator & Customer Service Manager

Chances are, if you’ve called Nature’s Help, you’ve spoken to Sian and possibly pronounced her name wrong too. For the record, it is pronounced SHARN. Although Sian will still answer to See-Arn, Cyanne and most other honest pronunciation attempts.

With a diverse background in everything from hospitality to teaching, Business Administrator and Customer Service Manager Sian Dann, Jill-of-all-trades at Nature’s Help says customer service has always been key in her career. She endeavours to provide service with a smile, sound knowledge and a little personal touch; striving to ensure customers are left with a positive opinion of both herself and the company. Working for a company that produces products that work – and that people love – is just one of the many highlights for Sian. At Nature’s Help the core values are shared by the whole company. Sian says she loves being a part of an amazing team, working towards the common goal of providing customers with quality health products, knowledge and service. Whether dealing with customers on the company’s website or social media pages,; when they are purchasing products or making contact with an enquiry or calling to share their experiences, Sian says the team at Nature’s Help understands that their customers are everything, and put in every effort to ensure they feel comfortable and have the best possible experience of dealing with the company. Natures Help is an ever-growing company and is conscious of the feedback received from customers, working to make its products and the company the “best possible versions” they can be. The team is constantly brainstorming new product ideas, keeping up-to-date with new research and looking for new areas to branch into. Says Sian: “As corny as it sounds, working for a company that is making a difference to people’s lives is really rewarding. Hearing directly from our customers how our products have helped them, their families and even their pets is amazing.”